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21 DIY Bow Crafts

Bows seem so very simple. But there are truly hundreds of ways to make handmade bows and even more crafts that might be inspired by them. Here are lots of new and modern ideas for crafting with bows – from fashion items like shoes and […]

Best DIY Secret To Softer Skin

Homemade-Body-Oil-Tutorial-DIYI used to work in the beauty and cosmetics industry. And if there is one thing I heard a lot about, it was the importance of establishing a beauty routine. Ingredients are important too. All natural, good-for-you ingredients whenever possible!

A lot of people suggest products like sugar scrubs for this purpose. Can I be honest? I find them so messy and slippery in the shower. Plus – you are washing all the good stuff away.

Here is a secret…you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get results when it comes to softening skin. And you don’t need to use a messy spa-type product if you don’t want to. You just need to know this simple 2 step process and do it exactly in order. You will be shocked you never thought of it before and the difference it makes!

1. Exfoliate. When you shower, simply wash your body with a scrubbie or washcloth and your regular body wash.  There are other ways to exfoliate, but this works and is cheap! 🙂

2. (*This is the most important part*) While you are still warm and your skin is wet from the shower, don’t towel off…rub lotion or body oil (here’s my favorite natural body oil recipe) on to your skin. Slather it on and let it soak in for at least 30 seconds. Now you can towel off as you normally do.

You removed any rough dead skin when you exfoliated and sealed in all that great moisture from your shower by applying your moisturizer while still wet. Have you been making your lotion work extra hard all these years? Start tomorrow and you will notice your skin is smoother and soft as can be. Do this everyday and multiply the benefits!

Homemade Cleaning Wipes Tutorial

Check out this super simple tip I shared on My Carolina Today this week… Making your own cleaning wipes save a ton of money and lets you better control what chemicals you put into your environment. Here is how you can make your very own […]

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipes

This has been a long and icy Winter. Spring is finally peeking it’s happy, green head around the corner and I am SO ready to get the kids playing outside again…yes! What better way to encourage creativity in the sunshine than making an endless supply […]

DIY Wine Glass Charms

DIY Wine Glass Charms

How To Make A Glass Charm
Here Is One Of The DIY Wine Glass Charms I Made – Customize With Pictures Of Your Party Guests!

At a party recently, our lovely hostess whipped out the cutest beaded wine glass charms to help make sure everyone could keep track of their cocktails. By the end of the night, we were all thankful for them and were calling each other by our charm names. “Hey Butterfly, the Cricket found your drink!”

Here is how to make your own sparkly custom wine glass or cocktail glass charms using very inexpensive beading materials and friend’s photos. Because these are handmade glass charms, they make fabulous party favors or thoughtful hostess gifts – particularly if she has parties often. These can even be used as sweet wedding glass charms that will match your wedding theme. Totally custom and so easy to make!

Craft Idea:  How To Make Wine Glass Charms

What You Will Need

Beads of Various Shapes, Colors, and Sizes – I used beads I had leftover from other beading projects. You can choose super sparkly beads (like Swarovski crystal beads would be fabulous) and use festive colors if this is a holiday craft or gift. Pearls and metal beads would be beautiful too!

Jewelry Findings – 30mm hoop with a loop. You can also make your own if you can’t find these from jewelry wire – just use Sterling Silver or other high quality jewelry wire.

Silver Jewelry Wire – for making the longer piece your main charm will hang from…you will need 1 inch of wire or so.

Jewelry Tools – Needle nose pliers and a small wire cutter/nipper

Charms – For this project I found absolutely adorable photo charms from Blue Moon Beads.

Photos of Family and Friends – Hey, isn’t that what Facebook is for? 🙂

Get Started Making Your Glass Charms

Glass Charm Close Up
The wire comes with one end looped and one end straight to allow for beading. When you have finished beading, turn up the straight end of the wire for the Glass Charm to make a clasp.

First take the 30mm hoop you purchased or made and thread your beads onto it in any fashion you think is pretty. On my glass charm, I created a pattern and kept in mind that my longer piece (with the centerpiece charm on it) should be in the center of the charm.  When you are finished adding your beads and the center photo charm, the glass charm should be beaded only about 1/3 of the way to allow the beads to move and to allow for assembling the clasp. (Check out the Glass Charm picture above to see an example)

Next, create the “clasp” that will secure the charm on to the stem of your wine or Martini glass by taking your needle nose pliers and turning up the flat end of the wire slightly (see picture.) This will allow your charm to hook securely around the stem of your glass and also secure the beads to prevent them from falling off.

More Glass Charm Craft Ideas

You can use any beads or charms you like. There are tons of beautiful embellishments and beads available for this project at most craft stores. Here are a few other glass charm ideas and photos for inspiration:

Not Martha’s Easy Wine Glass Charm Beading Project

Whimsical Wine Glass Charms From All Free Crafts

Holiday Wine Glass Charms From Sun Moon Stars on Etsy

How To Upholster Seat a With a Pair of Jeans

Here is a fun craft idea…why not use an old pair of jeans to cover a child’s footstool? I did this Pinterest-inspired craft to bring on My Carolina Today Last week, and to my surprise both of my older boys want one for their rooms. […]

DIY Sharpie Stencil Mug

DIY Sharpie Stencil Mug

How cute is this? My son and I worked on a fun little project this evening…we made a Sharpie Mug, but instead of freehand drawing, we used a stencil! Here’s what we did: First we Googled “moustache” and found a cute graphic. Then we brought […]

6 Simply Stunning Paper Flower Crafts

6 Simply Stunning Paper Flower Crafts

Paper flower crafts are some of my favorite to do. You get all the beauty of real flowers, but they last forever! Here are some of my favorite DIY paper flower instructions.

1. Storybook Book Page Paper Flower Roses

These tell a story…literally…and a very romantic one at that! 100 layer Cake shares a perfect tutorial on making these DIY paper roses, fit for any bridal bouquet.

Beautiful newspaper flower roses tutorial

Storybook Paper Roses Tutorial

2. Sewing Pattern Paper Peonies

These just look so vintage-y and rustic, don’t they? You wouldn’t believe how Makela made them over at The Wedding Chicks blog. The tissue paper isn’t just gift wrap…it is that perfectly delicate paper used in sewing patterns (I mean what else can you do with pattern paper when it is torn and a mess?) These have such a relaxed elegance…I’m in love!

Tissue paper bouquet - how to make them!

Sewing Pattern Tissue Paper Flowers

3. Bright and Modern Paper Flowers

These are impossibly sweet and happy…almost like a lovely illustration brought to life.

modern and easy-to-make paper flowers for home decor

Modern Easy Paper Flowers

4. Hanging Crepe Paper Rose Spheres

These are just the perfect way to showcase paper flowers at a party…and unlike a real flower pomander…these will last just about forever!

beautiful paper flower hanging balls

Hanging Flower Party Arrangement

5. Tiny Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom Flowers

These are teeny tiny. And easy to make. AND perfect on top of a small box at a wedding or party or just sprinkled around the place. Soooo pretty!

tissue paper cherry blossoms tutorial

Small Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

6. Paper Flower Garland

Inspired by a store window, the very talented Maegan got to work. This tutorial has a few different paper flower tutorials in one and she shows you how to put it all together in to a drape of elegance I could look at all day long.

ho to make a paper flower garland

Paper Flower Garland DIY Tutorial

7 Quick and Easy DIY Coaster Crafts

When it comes to quick and easy crafts that work for pretty much all ages and skill levels, embellishing coasters is a classic. Making DIY coasters are a great craft for parties or just an afternoon with friends.  Also, a set of these with a […]