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Easy Way To Hang Temporary Decorations (Even Curtains!)

Easy Way To Hang Temporary Decorations (Even Curtains!)

This is a tip that makes holiday decorating a lot more fun…don’t nail or tape decorations to your walls, use these temporary hangers instead! I had a baby shower recently for my Sister-In-Law and made TONS of decorations. We transformed the whole downstairs into baby […]

How to make shabby chic ruffle curtains with a sheet!

How to make shabby chic ruffle curtains with a sheet!


Picture this: a warm and breezy day, you lazing around in bed with the windows open enjoying some much needed quiet time. And little bits of pretty sunlight peeking through your gloriously shabby chic curtains…heaven! I’ve seen these curtains in stores and they can be expensive, but with a little know how (and definitely some patience with sewing ruffles) you can make your own DIY ruffled curtains that look just like they came from your favorite home store.

Check out this great tutorial from Karen of Homemade Glamour guest posting on A Pampered Baby to learn how to make your own curtains. What a fabulous idea!

Make Ruffled Curtains

image: A Pampered Baby

Tile a Floor with Pennies (Really!)

via Love this fearless tutorial on how to apply and grout pennies to make a cool looking floor

How To Make A Rag Quilt – Quilting Tutorial

I promised to show you how to make it & here I am with instructions! … Now with any sewing project I share here, I need to preface that I don't actually know how to sew. I'm just going for it, … yes – this project does involve cutting and sewing.

How to make a felt pennant

I have of two boys. And in my experience, boys are…well…selective when it comes to making crafts with Mom.

Sometimes however, we hit a home run and find a craft they are psyched about! This afternoon we made these no-sew felt pennant banners for their rooms and the kids had a ball! Here is how you can make a fabric pennant banner with your kids.


These pennant wall hangings turned out great!
These pennant wall hangings turned out great! (My son likes to joke around and wrote “can I borrow 20 bucks” on his. lol)

What you’ll need:

hot glue or “instant stitch” type quick-drying fabric glue (We used a product called Aleene’s Flexible, Stretchable Fabric Glue)

felt by the yard for the background

decorative craft felt in different colors

scissors (we used Fiskars classic 7 in fabric scissors for the shapes and Martha Stewart’s fringe scissors to “fringe” the border of the pennant)

How to make your pennant:

I cut out the triangle shapes for the background by folding over a 12 inch by 20 inch piece of felt and cutting from the folded corner to the opposite top corner. When you open your fabric, it is a symmetrical triangle shape.  For the double background effect in  the picture I did this twice, the second time starting with a 10 inch by 18 inch piece of fabric (felt) in a different color.

Next, let the kids trace shapes on to other pieces of felt or scrap fabric that they can cut out and glue on. My guys also used markers to decorate theirs. I also used the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors (which I LOVE) to fringe out the edges of the felt.

When the glue is dry, fold over the top straight edge (about 1/2 inch) and either sew or glue the edge of the piece to the back to make a channel to for a dowel rod through so you can hang your finished pennant. Attach ribbon or rope to the edges of the dowel (they should poke out the sides)

For Pennants that hang horizontally, you can either tack them to the wall or use velcro non-damaging wall hangers or even just one side of velcro tape – the felt will grab the velcro and stick to it.


DIY Room Divider Tutorial

DIY Room Divider Tutorial

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in a dramatic scene from a black and white movie…”Dahling, would you be a dear and fetch me my dressing gown…” If there is one thing I have learned from old movies, it is that every glamorous lady needs a folding screen for her boudoir.

Folding screens are fantastic for adding a pop of color and pattern to any room. They make great room dividers or clever junk hiders. While in my film-fueled fantasies they are made of satin and are strewn with long gloves and floor-length, feather-hemmed nighties, the reality is folding screens can be wonderfully functional and modern if you make them yourself.

Upholstery Made Easy

Upholstery Made Easy

Once your fabric is traced and cut, you can begin stapling. Make sure you have placed your foam as you want it in the center of the board. You will want the pieces in this order: 1. Fabric face down on the table, 2. foam, 3. board. You will be stapling from the top. Always a good idea to make sure you work on a surface you don’t mind getting “antiqued” – I have stapled into my table inadvertently more times than I would like to admit!

Creating A Creative Space

Creating A Creative Space

I hear it everyday…so many people dream of having a perfect craft room to house all of their craft patterns, paints, machines and other craft supplies in perfect order. Don’t wait on your dreams just because you are lacking square footage! An inspiring space for crafts doesn’t need to have it’s own room. Sometimes just setting up an area to be creative is as simple as setting up a desk with smart storage (and plugging in your headphones or earplugs if you have boisterous, energetic kids like I do!) Here are some ways to maximize space and create a craft area with style that inspires you!

Organizing Your Craft Room
Being creative with organization means you get more for the room you have! (even if you don’t have a whole room)

Utilize Vertical Space For Storage

A lot of people forget that the “up and down” space above a desk is useful for more than just pictures!  Use shelving, bins, baskets, pegs and canvas bags (you can paint them to label them), hooks, clips and more to store different types of craft items.

Don’t forget the space under your desk

Cabinets and floor sitting shelving can be added under your desk to maximize storage space. Just make sure you leave enough leg room to comfortably sit there and move your legs around – probably at least 36 inches or so. I have seen many a wonderful craft area made from just simple bookshelves or cabinets with a salvaged door panel on top to use as a desk.

Stores like Pottery Barn offer pretty useful solutions like these for small work spaces if you want to go bigger budget (but you certainly don’t have to to make it great!)

Make it yours

Once you are organized…make sure you bring in inspiration! Post your vision boards, favorite scrapbook pages, magazine clippings, or your favorite art near your creative space. If there are any little trinkets you love…put them on your new craft desk or tack them to the wall.

With a little creativity, you can make sure you have a perfect space to craft with everything in it’s place. 🙂

Making it Modern: Slipcovers and Pillows

Making it Modern: Slipcovers and Pillows

The artwork and accessories she sells in her store are unique and exploding with story… like things you’d discover traveling the world. The furniture was also amazing. As I explored the textures, fabrics I got a sense for what makes these pieces feel so much more luxurious than the pillows and slipcovers I make at home.
These pieces seem to take notes from fashion…particularly from the world of high-end denim. If you have ever seen the painstaking careful “destruction and deconstruction” that happens with every pair of expensive jeans you know what I’m talking about. The fabric is wrinkled and pressed with a blazing hot iron, worn with sandpaper, ripped, torn, and otherwise abused to look like it has been around forever. I wondered, how can I use these methods to make my home sewing projects look more like these gorgeous things? Let’s talk about how to use these principles to make home made pillow covers that have high end style.