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Vintage Picnic Basket Re-Do and How To

I just loooove the way this came out! Check out this awesome picnic basket upcycle project with a result that looks like a one-of-a-kind little find from your last  jaunt to the South of France (I know…not my life either, but a girl can dream […]

Interview with Kaari Meng, French General (& New Products!)

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An Interview With Taryn Sisco – Poppy Chic

An Interview With Taryn Sisco – Poppy Chic

Yay Taryn! Taryn-Sisco-Poppy-ChicWe first found Taryn on Dreamers Into Doers, the Martha Stewart Community and decided we love any girl that wears a big, bright flower in her hair! We also love the cute, funky, and easy tutorials she puts together on her blog, Poppy Chic.  We wanted to learn more!

Here is our interview with Taryn. ( Don’t miss the Flower Hair Pin Tutorial she shared with us – so adorable and easy to make!)

Hi, Taryn.

What does your company Poppy Chic Designs make?

I design retro inspired flower accessories using various mixed media techniques.

What inspired you to get started?

While working in the world of dance and theater I always loved the costumes and accessories and would help out with them whenever I could. I even worked as the seamstress’s assistant for extra money while dancing on cruise ships. Those costumes were full of sparkling goodies and feathers and I was always reattaching them and beading my brains out!

What is the best thing about running your business?

I love what I do.

Every single day I get to make the kind of fun things that I adore and love to wear myself all while staying at home with my 2 little boys!

Did you run into any stumbling blocks along the way?

I learned that I should stick to creating what makes me happy and not what others tell me to make. Believing in your passion is the key to happiness.

What motivates you when things get tough?

The fact that I am home with my boys makes me smile 🙂

Where do you get most of your sales/leads/orders?

My Etsy shop has been a huge part of “getting out there” and being discovered by folks…Etsy is such a great place for handmade artists. I’m trying to blog more now and do fun tutorials to reach out to those other crafty chicks out there! Come say hi –

How do readers get in touch with you for questions or place an order?

Check out my website, Facebook fan page, blog or send me an email –

Read more about Taryn and Poppy Chic on the Etsy blog.

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