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Kids Crafts

Kids Craft: Make A Stamped Easter Egg Garland

Easter Egg Garland – Kids Craft. With Easter just days away, Molly and I cooked up a quick and easy garland to dress up the mantel and make our house look festive. This worked well with our St. Patty's DayShamrock garland, …

Make Flavored Sugar “Trixie” Stix!

I love Pixie sticks…always have, always will! But if you are looking to take the Pixie stick idea to the next level, say, to give them more of a foodie appeal, definitely try this! posted this very cool idea – using paper straws that […]

Crafty Quick Tip – Re-Use Yogurt Containers

Like a  lot of people, I make a habit of saving plastic and glass containers…partly because it just seems wasteful to think about all of these things I used for a week or two piling up in a landfill, and partly because they are usually […]