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Make DIY Shrink Plastic From Packaging

Make DIY Shrink Plastic From Packaging

Do you remember using Shrinky Dinks as a kid? I do. I specifically remember our super awesome babysitter bringing over a shrink plastic kit one Summer day. I was about five years old I think. I also remember feeling SO unbelievably excited! We decorated the […]

DIY Nature Resist Fabric

This is a fun one for kids and adults alike! Use things you find in nature to make a pattern on some pre-washed cotton fabric. Next use a fabric spray paint (I used one from Tulip) and spray over your pattern from directly above. I […]

Make Kids Art Glasses

Make Kids Art Glasses

My son loves to draw. He also loves to use drinking glasses, one after another. Honestly, sometimes I think he takes a sip out of each glass in the house before proclaiming it dirty and putting it into the sink. To celebrate his love of […]

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipes

This has been a long and icy Winter. Spring is finally peeking it’s happy, green head around the corner and I am SO ready to get the kids playing outside again…yes! What better way to encourage creativity in the sunshine than making an endless supply […]

15 Easter Crafts For Kids

My kids just LOVE to do Holiday-themed crafts, so Easter crafts are a no-brainer. I buy a lot of those little felt kits, but sometimes I just want to be able to use stuff we have around the house. I found a bunch of crafts […]

Easy ‘Cat In The Hat’ Pencil Holder

What is more fun than introducing your kids to something you loved as a child? It’s one of my very favorite things I get to do in this job called Mom. Dr. Seuss books are the best. I loved them when I was little and […]

Make a Heart Stamp From A Toilet Paper Roll

Michelle shared this adorable and little kid-friendly craft idea on her blog, Rust and Sunshine. Use old toilet paper rolls to create perfect heart-shaped stamps! She shows how to shape the stamp and use tape to secure it. (As well as her completely adorable little […]

Crafting With Boys

I have 3 boys. They are all creative in their own ways (I think the baby is anyway!) But not all of them like crafting. I always wondered why…isn’t it just a lame gender stereotype? I’ve always taught my kids they can play any way […]

What to do with bored kids

Every time I go to the craft store, dollar store, or even sometimes the grocery store, I grab a couple of mini craft kits. They are usually very inexpensive and it lets me have a “go to” stash at home when the kids are acting […]