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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Printable Gift Tags

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Printable Gift Tags

On My Carolina Today, we will be showing you how to make an adorable gift for Mom… A Cake In A Mug Kit. We also showed you how to create a cake made of socks for Dad! Here are the free printable tags you saw […]

Ha – it’s a Cheeseburger Cake!

I really enjoy baking cakes for my friends on their birthday. In the past I have made a timbit cake filled with smaller timbit bits inside, a cake with pudding inside, a cake covered in reese peanut butter cups and cupcakes galore. My good friend Laura requested a cake that looked like a burger to f …

Angry Birds Cupcakes

My son is THREE! Looking at him now, I always recall the days when he was a baby, thinking that these 3 years seems to be more than 10 years to me. I can’t believe too that he is three years old and feeling happy and sad too that he is not a baby anymore… Being a big fan of Angry Birds, my son had …

Make Flavored Sugar “Trixie” Stix!

I love Pixie sticks…always have, always will! But if you are looking to take the Pixie stick idea to the next level, say, to give them more of a foodie appeal, definitely try this! posted this very cool idea – using paper straws that […]