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Making it Modern: Slipcovers and Pillows

Making it Modern: Slipcovers and Pillows

The artwork and accessories she sells in her store are unique and exploding with story… like things you’d discover traveling the world. The furniture was also amazing. As I explored the textures, fabrics I got a sense for what makes these pieces feel so much more luxurious than the pillows and slipcovers I make at home.
These pieces seem to take notes from fashion…particularly from the world of high-end denim. If you have ever seen the painstaking careful “destruction and deconstruction” that happens with every pair of expensive jeans you know what I’m talking about. The fabric is wrinkled and pressed with a blazing hot iron, worn with sandpaper, ripped, torn, and otherwise abused to look like it has been around forever. I wondered, how can I use these methods to make my home sewing projects look more like these gorgeous things? Let’s talk about how to use these principles to make home made pillow covers that have high end style.

The Cobbler

The Cobbler

On our way back from lunch one day my lovely friend G mentioned she needed to stop by the cobbler before heading back to the office. “, what?” I said, thinking how funny it was that such a modern girl would be shuffling off to what I picture as a rusty blacksmith shop from the turn of the century. “It’s AWESOME” she said.

“Sweet – see you back at the office!” I yelled as I headed in the other direction. Clearly this was a topic requiring major amounts of explanation. The kind of issue we would have to discuss some other time when I wasn’t almost late for an afternoon meeting. I walked back and forgot about the whole thing. That was until about a week later when I noticed that all this lunching on the city streets of Durham was doing a number on my favorite high heels. My fiance’s leather coat had a few tiny rips that needed to be mended as well, so I took that along too as I have heard “cobblers” can fix things like that.

The DIY Headboard Tutorial You’ve Been Searching For!

The DIY Headboard Tutorial You’ve Been Searching For!

To save money and get the perfect fabric, I LOVE to make a DIY headboard for a bedroom. This tutorial shows how to make a padded DIY headboard, but there are lots of other styles you can make, too: Headboard Ideas.)

DIY headboards like this one are surprisingly EASY to build, and definitely lovely to own! Here is EXACTLY how I made mine:

Make A DIY Headboard! The BEST easy DIY headboard tutorial to make one of quality.
This is the headboard I made…we have had it for a few years now and think it suits us perfectly! In this tutorial you will learn how to make a headboard for cheap!

Step 1: Build the frame

I  started with the “width” measurement of the bed which was approximately 54 inches. The height can be whatever you would like — I chose to make mine about a yard higher than the top of my mattress…the same height as a standard piece of foam.

My frame was built using 5 2 x4’s of varying lengths:

  • Two for the height from the floor to the top of my headboard
  • Two for the width minus 2 inches, and
  • One to brace the center…two inches shorter than the height from the bottom horizontal piece to the top one.

small wooden dowel pins, wood glue, a drill with a pre measured tape line to control depth and a small template I made for drilling holes (so they would all be the same.)

Step 2: Attach the padding to the frame

Next I got my foam which was a 4-5 inch thick foam, and cut it to the size of the frame.  Then I used spray adhesive to carefully to attach the foam to the frame. Easy!

Step 3: Measure the fabric and sew a slipcover

After attaching the foam, I upholstered a cotton duck fabric from front to back with heavy duty staples and a hand staple gun.

I found an upholstery grade fabric I loved at Hancock Fabrics for the slipcover and got a few yards of it plus some cotton cording so I could give dimension to the seams. I cut three pieces…2 narrow side pieces and one long, wide piece of fabric to cover the front, top, and back of the headboard. I wrapped fabric over the cotton cording and sewed it to the edge of the long, wide piece of fabric. Then I machine stitched the side pieces and sewed a 3/4 inch hem around the bottom to it would slip over the headboard like a dress.

My finished DIY headboard is exactly what I wanted and had been a very useful and cute addition to my bedroom. It also cost me about a third of what it would have to buy a new headboard as nice in the store!

Make A Painted Glass Water Bottle

Make A Painted Glass Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are wonderful. There are lots of options, however most of the options and I have seen we’re not quite what I wanted. Some had a coating inside that I wasn’t so sure was a good thing, and the ones without coating seem to leave my water with a metallic taste. I decided to make one of my own of a glass bottle –reusable, sustainable , healthy, and after painted… Also really cute and unique.