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Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

We’ve been trying to get off the sugar crazy train in my house. And it’s been surprisingly… easy! Once we got over the initial shock, of course. Our new rules for clean eating are simple. Meals and snacks should  1. Be high in protein 2. […]

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Woo woo! The BEST Boozy Gingerbread Cake Pops You’ll Ever Taste

Woo woo! The BEST Boozy Gingerbread Cake Pops You’ll Ever Taste

I was recently gifted a bottle of spectacular mocha liqueur and had a moment of chocolate-covered inspiration.

“This stuff would be AMAZING in a Gingerbread Cake Pops recipe! Yaaasssss……”

These boozy gingerbread cake pops were seriously some of the best cake pops I’ve ever made. And although they (and the second batch, too) are LONG gone, I wrote down the recipe so I could share it with you for the holidays.

(Not much of a drinker? Feel free to omit the alcohol if you would like and the same amount of milk instead. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!)

Boozy Gingerbread Cake Pops Recipe
 – Ingredients, Tools, and Other Stuff
 – Powdered sugar
 – Damn Fine Mocha Liqueur or other chocolate and coffee liqueur (or milk if you are making these without alcohol)
 – Crystallized ginger, chopped – I like Reeds for these cake pops and also for snacking!
 – Shortening
 – Chocolate  Candy Melts – I used Ghirardelli White and Dark chocolate candy melts. You can melt these in the microwave or on the stovetop.
 – Cocoa powder – I used Hersheys, use your favorite.
 – Gingerbread boxed cake mix (these usually require eggs, water and oil, so make sure you have those on hand, too.)
 – Paper straws or cake pop sticks
The center of a cake pop is made using crumbed cake and frosting. Here is the frosting….it is delicious all on its own!
Amazing boozy cake pop recipe for the holidays.
For the Frosting:
(Makes about one cup)
1 1/3 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup Damn Fine Mocha Liqueur
5 tbsp shortening
1/3 cup cocoa powder
Put all of these ingredients in a mixing bowl, and with a mixer using a whisk attachment, blend slowly until combined. Once combined, mix on high for about one minute until the frosting is nice and fluffy. If you want a little more body to the frosting, add more powdered sugar 1/3 cup at a time. To loosen it up, add a splash more of the Damn Fine Liqueur.
Be sure to keep this out of reach of children.
For the cake:
Bake your favorite gingerbread cake mix according to the directions on the box. Allow it to cool completely – about two hours or overnight.
Once cooled, trim the overdone outer edges away.
In a large mixing bowl, use your fingers or a fork to crumble the cake into a meal-like texture.
Put it all together:
Amazing boozy cake pop recipe
Add 4-5 tbsp. Damn Fine Chocolate frosting and use the back of a spoon or soft spatula to mush it together into a very thick, slightly dry paste. It should mush together like wet sand and behave like a thick dough.
Scoop a rounded teaspoon of the mixture and roll into a ball. (Tip: Use inside of a round-shaped teaspoon to help you do this. That will help you get smooth, evenly round cake pops.) If your cake balls are cracking or not sticking together, add more frosting until they do. 🙂
Take six sturdy paper straws and cut them in half.
Melt a little bit of your chocolate in the microwave. Dip each straw in chocolate coving about 3/4 inch of the straw. Insert the melted chocolate topped straws evenly into the cake balls, being careful to go about 3/4 of the way through. Repair any cracks by pressing the cake back together, and freeze for about 30 minutes.
Next melt your dipping chocolate according to the instructions on the back.
Have parchment paper ready. Sprinkle this with cocoa powder or mini chocolate chips if you would like. (optional)
Dip each cake ball in melted chocolate, then place on the parchment paper. Be sure to place them straight up so the straws are pointed at a 90 degree angle. Add the ginger accent by dipping a small piece at a time of candied ginger into the melting chocolate (you are using it like a glue) and place it on the cake pop.
Place on a beautiful tray for a party or package some up as an unforgettable gift for a friend.
Did you make these? Please post a comment on how you liked them!
The BEST gingerbread cake pop recipe
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Exactly how you can layer vinyl PERFECTLY

Exactly how you can layer vinyl PERFECTLY

If you want to create a two (or more) color design, you will need to learn how to layer vinyl.  Here are two EASY methods for layering vinyl – one for adhesive vinyl (any type,) and one that shows how to layer heat transfer vinyl (or […]

Like A Boss! How To Apply Vinyl Decals The Easy Way

Like A Boss! How To Apply Vinyl Decals The Easy Way

Supplies needed: vinyl decal that has been weeded and transfer taped, vinyl squeegee.

Once you have designed, cut, weeded, and transfer taped your vinyl decal, it is finally time to apply it to stuff! Woohoo!

Here is how you apply your vinyl decal to make sure it looks PERFECT once it is stuck on.

  1. Check your alignment. Is the vinyl decal lined up with the lines on the transfer tape?
  2. Make sure the surface you are applying your vinyl decal to is very clean. It should be completely free of dust and oil (including from hands.) I usually wash it with a degreasing dish soap like Dawn, dry with a paper towel, and set it aside right before I am going to use it.
  3. Double check your vinyl works with your surface. There are two main types of adhesive vinyl used in vinyl cutting machines for home use; they are Permanent (also called glossy, outdoor, 651, or Series 51) or Semi-permanent (also called matte, indoor, or 631.) For most projects like plastic or glass drinking glasses, water bottles, or signs, you will want to choose the permanent (51) vinyl. The only time to use the Indoor/Semi-permanent is if you want to apply it to something and peel it off – stencils, indoor walls, etc.

If you are applying vinyl to something round, brace it so you can lay it flat and it won’t move while you are working. It is better to do this before you peel the back off in the next step…

To apply the vinyl decal, remove the backing from the transfer tape (your design will be stuck to the transfer tape) and grab both sides of the transfer tape to give you control of your placement.

Now, start by sticking down the center of your vinyl decal and smooth from the center towards the edges with your fingers. Avoid any wrinkles or bubbles in your design. Press the design onto the surface, taking care to rub all of the parts of the design (especially small parts) to make sure they adhere well to the surface.

Before you remove the tape, use your vinyl squeegee to further press the design down. Pull the squeegee from the center outward until you are sure all of the edges are stuck down as well as they can be.

Now you are ready to remove the tape! Let the vinyl set for at least 24 hours before trying to wash your finished piece. The solvent-based vinyl needs that time to develop a permanent bond.

For more information on applying your vinyl designs perfectly STRAIGHT every time, check out this awesome step-by-step guide on applying vinyl from my friend Melissa on the Silhouette School Blog.

Cute Silhouette Vinyl Water Bottles with Quotes - filled with cozy socks, chocolate, eos lip balm, and more!

How To Use Transfer Tape For Vinyl Lettering

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Weeding Vinyl: How To and Tips

Weeding Vinyl: How To and Tips

An unavoidable part of the process of doing a project with vinyl and a vinyl cutter is WEEDING. If you are a beginner with your Cameo or Expression vinyl cutters, you might be like “How do I weed vinyl?” or even “Do I have to weed my vinyl?” Answers to all your vinyl weeding questions below!

What is weeding?

What Is Weeding - Weeding is removing extra vinyl after it has been cut.

Weeding is the process of removing all the extra vinyl from around the image you have cut before applying it to the finished project. A vinyl cutter cuts along the lines of the design, but it doesn’t remove the extra vinyl. You need to do that as well as removing the little holes inside any designs or letters.

What you need to weed

I always have these tools on hand when weeding a vinyl project…call it my Essential Vinyl Work Kit

  • a paper towel or scrap piece of vinyl for putting the little bits of vinyl  I weed . Otherwise,  I’d walk around covered in vinyl dots all day and not notice. 🙂
  • A weeding hook
  • Tweezers just for vinyl work
  • A quilting pin

You should also plan to work in a brightly-lit area. If you don’t have enough light, it is VERY hard to see where the vinyl machine has made cuts. This means it is pretty much impossible to weed accurately. I work by a window and also often make use of those cute, portable Ott-lights…perfect bright, white light and so handy for detail work of any kind! Even if I have to hide in the closet from my kids to get my crafting done. haha

Weeding Tips and Tricks

Whether you are using heat transfer vinyl or adhesive vinyl, the process of weeding is pretty much the same. Here are some tricks I have picked up that make weeding so much easier.

Tools and Prep

Prep your crafting area and have all the supplies (above) you need at arms reach. And don’t forget about the light! It’s all about the light. 🙂 You also want to have very clean hands and skip the lotion…oils from your hands can mess with the vinyl adhesives. Another reason to use the tools instead of your hands when possible.

Weeding order:  from inside to outside

Start by removing the dots inside any letters and small internal areas of designs FIRST. If you remove these small, internal pieces first, you’ll have fewer problems with your design sliding since it is braced by the outer part of the vinyl.

Next, start peeling the outer part of the vinyl off. I do this by kind of curling it up little-by-little so that the cut bits try to stay stuck to the backing. Some of the cut pieces will want to peel up as you go, but this is why you go extra slow and have your tools ready – you can use your tweezers, non-sharp part of the hook, or quilting needle gently push them down as you continue to peel. Take care not to puncture the vinyl with any of these tools. (TIP! If you are weeding a big piece, cut away 2 or 3 inch sections of the vinyl as you go. This makes it more manageable and prevents the extra sticky vinyl scraps from pulling other parts of the design off.)

Common vinyl weeding problems and how to fix them

Extra bits of vinyl sticking to the finished design. You will inevitably find a little dot of vinyl stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be – perhaps punctuation that didn’t adhere or the center or dot of another letter… This happens to me several times over the course of a typical vinyl weeding session. Take care of misplaced vinyl bits BEFORE you apply the vinyl design to the finished project. simply use your tweezers to remove the extra vinyl while holding the piece you want to keep in place with your other hand.

Pulling and Stretching/Design very difficult to weed.  Also try to avoid pulling or stretching the vinyl to get it to come away from the outer piece. I promise at some point you will do this (we all have!) and you will be bummed that you have changed the shape of the piece. I’ve just stuck my misshapen pieces of anyway, trying to get them back into shape as best I could.

If you are having a VERY hard time weeding, with excessive stretching and pulling of the vinyl, you may need to check your settings on your vinyl cutting machine and re-cut. Did you choose the correct material in your Silhouette or Cricut settings? The culprit could also be a dull or dirty blade.  The occasional piece that needs an extra tug is normal, but if you are having that trouble with every piece…that’s NOT normal. Re-cut and start over! Check out this wonderful post on extending the life of your vinyl cutting blade from Leslie, The Seasoned Homemaker.

Vinyl Before It Has Been Weeded

I can’t see the cuts! Make sure you are using bright enough light. If you are and you still can’t see the cuts clearly, check your settings and your blade. If the machine wasn’t able to cut all the way through consistently, you will need to fix the problem and cut out your design again.

The letter slid off…what do I do now? Don’t panic! This can happen especially with small letters and designs. If one of your letters or designs has gone sliding around, simply use the point of your hook to nudge it into place. If the letter has completely slid off, use your hook to gently grab it on the adhesive side or use your tweezers. Put it back in it’s place like it never happened. 🙂 Here are more great tips on weeding small designs and letters.

Now that you are a total weeding expert, let’s move on to the next lesson…how to use transfer tape and apply your vinyl to the finished piece!

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