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Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

We’ve been trying to get off the sugar crazy train in my house. And it’s been surprisingly… easy! Once we got over the initial shock, of course. Our new rules for clean eating are simple. Meals and snacks should  1. Be high in protein 2. […]

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Cheers! 33 Perfect Party Punch Recipes and Drinks For a Crowd

Cheers! 33 Perfect Party Punch Recipes and Drinks For a Crowd

I LOVE festive punch bowls on a buffet table. Whether you are hosting a little party for family, or a huge all-out holiday rager, these drink recipes for a crowd are ALL unforgettable crowd-pleasers!
(Note – some of these contain alcohol, but lots are or can be made as ‘mock-tails.’) Do you like to make punch for parties? Tell me about your favorite recipe in the comments!
Party Punch VI Recipe –
This punch is easy to make, and is great for parties of all kinds. Strawberry
sherbet, fruit punch and lemon-lime soda….
Green Punch Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Green Punch recipe from Trisha Yearwood….
Luscious Slush Punch Recipe –
This fruity, fizzy, slushy pineapple-strawberry punch recipe makes enough to
refresh a crowd….
Nonalcoholic Punch Recipe : Food Network
Get this delicious and easy-to-follow Nonalcoholic Punch recipe at Food Network
Whiskey Sour Punch Recipe – Simple Whiskey Drink | FDOC
Sep 7, 2016 … Need a fun drink to add some punch to your next party? Serve up this Whiskey
Sour Punch made with the amazing flavor of Florida Orange ……
Lime Sherbet Punch Recipe : Paula Deen : Food Network
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Lime Sherbet Punch recipe from Paula Deen….
9 Great Punch Recipes from New York City
Once relegated to the dusty corners of Victorian nostalgia, punch has been
making a … Here are 9 great punch recipes from Prime Meats, The Drink, and
Slightly ……
Aug 6, 2013 … I did a search online for baby shower punch and ended up piecing together a few
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Classicist bartenders have resurrected the centuries-old ritual of the formal punch
service. Here, Philip Ward of New York’s Death & Co. makes a potent ……
Holiday punch recipes for non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks | The …
Classic holiday punch recipes to wet your whistle–alcoholic and non-alcoholic
drink recipes! From The Old Farmer’s Almanac….
Cranberry Pineapple Punch Recipe |
Dec 1, 2015 … This Cranberry Pineapple Punch is crisp refreshing and loved by adults and kids.
Perfect Christmas Holiday Punch! And it’s totally easy; just ……
Amaretto Bourbon Punch. | How Sweet It Is
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Winter Shandy Punch Recipe – 101 Cookbooks
Dec 17, 2014 … This time last year I made a winter punch, it was prosecco and gin-based with
seasonal citrus, ginger and rosemary. It was a recipe that ……
5 Ingredient Holiday Punch Recipe – Sweetphi
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guests to drink? Make this 5 ingredient holiday punch recipe ……
Creamy white Christmas punch recipe
Dec 4, 2015 … One thing my kids love about holiday dinners is that instead of the usual milk we
have for dinner, I will sometimes make a fun punch recipe….
A Tropical Spiced Rum Punch Recipe Perfect for Winter Gatherings …
Nov 16, 2015 … Welcome to A Drink You Can Actually Make, Eater’s first ever recipe series
dedicated to simple cocktails from new bars across the country….
Frozen Crunchy Punch Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes
Jun 20, 2016 … This punch was made for my wedding vow renewal, years ago,by Mrs Earla.It is
quick and eazy and can be made week’s or even months ……
Recipe: Swamp Monster Sherbet Punch — Recipes from The Kitchn …
Oct 28, 2016 … Murky, green, and swampy, this punch is sure to conjure up monstrous images of
Swamp Thing. If this creepy-looking cocktail has your ……
Non Alcoholic Strawberry Punch Recipe – Fas Kitchen
Jan 19, 2016 … Non Alcoholic Strawberry Punch recipe – A delicious non – alcoholic drink full of
fresh strawberries and with a touch of lemon is just perfect for ……
Whiskey Sour Party Punch Recipe –
May 19, 2016 … Entertaining is easy when you have a party punch recipe ready to go! This
whiskey sour punch has lots of fresh citrus, lemonade, and plenty of ……
Sangria Punch – Kraft Recipes
Add a refreshing chill to summer with a delightful Sangria Punch! This fruity
cranberry-citrus sangria has no alcohol, so anyone can enjoy it….
Ghost Punch Recipe | Bourbon Mixed Drink Recipe | Jim Beam …
The Ghost Punch features Jacob’s Ghost® Whiskey, ginger ale and cranberry
Boozy Watermelon Punch recipe – from Tablespoon!
A refreshing punch made with blended fresh watermelon, vodka, lime and mint.
Perfect for a summer party….
The Best Punch Recipe – The Farmwife Drinks
Feb 14, 2016 … This is the best punch recipe. It combines pineapple, orange and lemon flavors
for a an addicting drink for any party….
Spooky Sherbet Punch –
Oct 31, 2016 … Siri-Dali: Last-minute Halloween party treats: Sherbet punch, slime cake … print
recipe. Rating: … Add frozen hand and gummy worms to punch….
Moscato Punch
Moscato Punch combines wine, pink lemonade, Sprite Zero, and fresh
raspberries for a sweet, fruity, … Never miss a recipe or new post from Real
How to Make Holiday Punch – Charles Dickens Holiday Punch Recipe
Dec 11, 2012 … PLUS: 11 Winter Punch Recipes from Around the Web … the preeminent English
social drink was the bowl of punch, a large-bore mixture of ……
Rum Punch | Recipe | Cruzan® Rum
Here’s a rum punch recipe that’ll satisfy a group on a hot day. Featuring Cruzan®
Aged Light Rum and Cruzan® 9 Spiced Rum….
Spiked Apple Cider Punch Recipe! – Sugar and Charm – sweet …
Oct 21, 2016 … We’re serving up a super easy and delicious sparkling spiked apple cider punch
recipe that’s perfect to make for Halloween, Thanksgiving or ……
Ghost Punch Recipe
In a large punch bowl, combine berry or apple juice, grape-juice concentrate, and
lemon-lime carbonated beverage. Remove cream ghosts from mold by ……
Garrick Club Punch
The Garrick Club Punch tasted as good in 1835 as it does today. Try this
alcoholic lemonade recipe at your next party with this classic recipe. Drink Better….
Party Punch Recipe | Shark Puncher | Captain Morgan®
Try the shark puncher drink using coconut rum, orange juice, grapefruit juice and
cranberry juice. Check out more Captain Morgan® rum drink recipes….
Holiday Punch Bowls – A Beautiful Mess
Nov 22, 2013 … 3 holiday punch bowl recipes! Serving punch bowls is my number one time-
saving tip for holiday parties! I LOVE mixing custom cocktails for ……
Sparkling Rum Punch recipe from
The flavors of orange and rum combine in this easy and festive sparkling punch….
Orange Cinnamon Bun Punch Recipe
Orange Cinnamon Bun Punch Recipe. This shop has been compensated by
Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #
PassTheTEN # ……
Woo woo! The BEST Boozy Gingerbread Cake Pops You’ll Ever Taste

Woo woo! The BEST Boozy Gingerbread Cake Pops You’ll Ever Taste

I was recently gifted a bottle of spectacular mocha liqueur and had a moment of chocolate-covered inspiration. “This stuff would be AMAZING in a Gingerbread Cake Pops recipe! Yaaasssss……” These boozy gingerbread cake pops were seriously some of the best cake pops I’ve ever made. […]

Yum! Quick kale zucchini pasta dinner recipe

Yum! Quick kale zucchini pasta dinner recipe

Did you know there are magical fairies that create foods with basically no calories? That are actually nutritious and delicious? Like you would choose them over other things? It’s true. Meet Zucchini “Pasta.” When I first heard about zucchini pasta, it seemed like a mean […]

Exactly how you can layer vinyl PERFECTLY

Exactly how you can layer vinyl PERFECTLY

If you want to create a two (or more) color design, you will need to learn how to layer vinyl.  Here are two EASY methods for layering vinyl – one for adhesive vinyl (any type,) and one that shows how to layer heat transfer vinyl (or HTV) to keep the design together. It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to match up the design like I show here or actually putting vinyl on vinyl…the process for how to layer vinyl is exactly the same.

How To Layer Adhesive Vinyl (Method for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or Portrait)

Layering adhesive vinyl is the easiest because you can add registration marks to layers of the design before you cut them. A registration mark is simply a shape that stays in the same spot on each layer of vinyl so you can match them up and piece together the design later. Ideally, you will use two shapes – one on each side – to make it even easier to be super precise.

Printers often use black lines that look like an angle or even circles to match up the layers of color. When we are cutting vinyl, we need to do this too. You can use lines, rectangles, really any shape will do.  *Shoot, while we are talking about this, I don’t know why I don’t use a cute shape like a star or something! Doing this next time. 🙂

In your vinyl cutting machine program add a registration point on each side (left and right) to each layer of the design so when you cut them, each will have a shape in the same spot like this. *Note – I only used ONE registration mark in the photo shown, but you should definitely add TWO – one on the left and another on the right – for precision.

EASY! How to use transfer tape and registration marks to line up vinyl. Instructions for layering HTV too!

Cut and weed each layer of vinyl, making sure you keep the registration marks in the same place.

I actually sometimes duplicate the design and delete stuff to create two layers in my vinyl cutting program. If you move one off the cutting mat on the screen, it won’t print…a useful way to separate the layers for super visual people like me!

One layer at a time, transfer to your transfer tape. On the second layer, match up the registration point to the first one you have already transferred. Do your best to match them up exactly. As you can see, pretty darn close is pretty darn good, too! Here is me carefully trying to line up the registration marks…

EASY! How to use transfer tape and registration marks to line up vinyl. Instructions for layering HTV too!

Here you can see that the green registration mark (here a rectangle) is covering up the pink one. This is what you are going for (only you might be even more precise about it than I am which is a good thing!)

EASY! How to use transfer tape and registration marks to line up vinyl.

How to layer heat transfer vinyl or heat press vinyl

Easy Tutorial On How To Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

Layering heat press vinyl is a little bit more “eyeballing it” than with adhesive vinyl because you aren’t able to line up registration marks and the design on the transfer tape first (since there is no transfer tape.) You also can’t assemble the design before you iron it which is a bit more tricky. The trick to layering heat transfer vinyl is making sure you iron each layer down as you go and pay attention to the order of layers in your final design.

I find it very helpful to have a picture of the final design I am trying to achieve next to me while I am working. It is easy to get confused once you are faced with three layers of vinyl and no reference points to figure out which you should iron (or heat press) down first.

You can see that this design file had a registration mark to use for adhesive vinyl…I avoided ironing it down and eventually cut it off the layers altogether since you can’t really use it for heat transfer vinyl (unless you like weird rectangles over your design lol.)

*I wondered if it would be possible to add a piece of painter’s tape or even scrap fabric where the registration mark is so I could still use it to line things up. Next time I try it, I’ll update this post and let you know if it is an option!

Heat Transfer Vinyl Steps

In this toddler police shirt design, blue was the first layer, yellow was the second layer, and white (with the lettering and detail) was the third, or top, layer.

Place the background piece where it will go on the final shirt or surface. Iron it on just enough to stick to the shirt and make the clear backing removable. Peel off the clear backing

the BEST tutorial on how to layer heat transfer vinyl

Next place the middle layer on, lining it up as best you can with the first layer. In this example, you can see some of the design elements line up with each other as well as registration marks would have so it was easy to determine what goes where. Iron layer two in place. Peel off the clear backing from the second layer. At this point, two layers will be attached to the shirt or surface.

Now, line up the top layer and iron that on. This will be what you see in the front of your design. Give it extra weight and time if you need to make sure it is pressed down on the shirt well – this is the final ironing stage. Now peel off the clear backing to reveal your finished design!

Easy Tutorial On How To Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

Tip! How To Layer Vinyl Without Bubbles

Now that you know how to layer vinyl like a boss, you might want to take it a step further and learn how to layer vinyl without bubbles…those pesky little pockets of air that look ugly and shorten the lifespan of your design. Vinyl bubbles are really more of an issue with adhesive vinyl, not so much heat transfer vinyl in my experience.

The trick to avoiding bubbles in your vinyl is to make sure you are intentional with how you stick down your design: press the middle of your design to the surface first, then use your vinyl scraper to press the design to one side at a time,  in one smooth motion from the middle out. Next, do the same from the middle upward and then downward. Finishing by pressing the design down from top to bottom to make sure it is stuck securely on there.

I have found bubbles in my vinyl can also result if I have gotten lint or dirt on it (like if I dropped the decal before getting it on there (ah!) So clean hands and surfaces well before you start a vinyl project.

Bubbles or wrinkles are also more likely if you are applying vinyl to a curved surface. If you can’t get it applied without a wrinkle, you might need to cut the design smaller so it has less surface area to curve around.


Like A Boss! How To Apply Vinyl Decals The Easy Way

Like A Boss! How To Apply Vinyl Decals The Easy Way

Supplies needed: vinyl decal that has been weeded and transfer taped, vinyl squeegee. Once you have designed, cut, weeded, and transfer taped your vinyl decal, it is finally time to apply it to stuff! Woohoo! Here is how you apply your vinyl decal to make […]

How To Use Transfer Tape For Vinyl Lettering

How To Use Transfer Tape For Vinyl Lettering

You have your design cut in vinyl, now what?! You are ready to learn how to use transfer tape for vinyl lettering and designs to get that puppy on something! If you need help cutting and weeding your design, check out my previous tutorials about vinyl design and cutting […]

Wow! How You Can Trace ANY Graphic To Use In Your Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

Wow! How You Can Trace ANY Graphic To Use In Your Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

Want a cool vinyl design but think you don’t have the time or skills to create one? THIS is cool! You don’t need to be a designer to use Silhouette Studio and you don’t even need to buy pre-made graphics. Because Silhouette studio will let you easily trace high contrast photos (like .jpg or .png) you can find TONS of graphics for it for free! Even if they are just clip art or pictures…they are easy to import into Silhouette Design Studio and will cut accurately!

(If you are feeling artistic, you can design with text and shapes right in Silhouette studio as well. But for today, we are just going to be lazy and play on the internet instead! :))

How to trace a design in Silhouette Studio

Find a design you like and copy the design to your computer.*

Designs that are black and white will trace the best. Also, high contrast letter art and vector illustrations will work well too. Or, trace your own drawing! You can find lots of great free clip art sites. A good one I’ve used over the years is Free Images (used to be


Open Silhouette Studio and set up a new document.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0000_sihouette - open new document

Drag the image into your design window and go to ‘Select Trace Area.’ This is a monogram in a font I didn’t have installed in Silhouette Studio yet, so I saved a JPEG (.jpg) graphic of it from a different program.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0002_Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.59.20 PM

Move the high pass filter slider back and forth until you feel confident it is mostly selected in yellow. Then hit the first selection, under “Apply Trace Method” –  “Trace”

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0003_silhouette - select trace area to trace graphic

You will see a red outline appear — this is where the machine will cut.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0005_Silhouette - traced outline where machine will cut

At this point, I like to remove the original graphic and look closely at the outlines – just drag the graphic out of the way and to the side. If something looks weird, you can adjust it by Welding it in Silhouette Studio or simply trace it again, using different slider options in the high pass and low pass filters. This one looks fine.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0006_Silhouette - you can remove the original graphic and just keep the cut lines

Now get ready to cut! Adjust your cut settings for the material you are using. Here I am just using Expressions Vinyl Permanent Series 51 – I have found the Silhouette brand vinyl preset works fine for that type of vinyl. So that is how I set my machine.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial_0008_Silhouette - choose correct cut settings by material

When your settings look correct, go ahead and send it to your vinyl cutting machine! The little machine icon on the upper right hand side is “Send To Silhouette.” Make sure your machine is flipped on, load the vinyl, and get ready to cut!

*Don’t forget — if this is something you are planning to sell, DO check to make sure you can do so under copyright laws in your country! Likewise, respect the artists! Even if you are not selling it, if you plan to create something that is heavily inspired by someone else’s work and share it on social media or otherwise, credit them please! 🙂

Weeding Vinyl: How To and Tips

Weeding Vinyl: How To and Tips

An unavoidable part of the process of doing a project with vinyl and a vinyl cutter is WEEDING. If you are a beginner with your Cameo or Expression vinyl cutters, you might be like “How do I weed vinyl?” or even “Do I have to weed […]