18 Easy DIY Sweatshirt Crafts

DIY sweatshirt add-on pocket
sweatshirt pocket
Craft Corner: DIY sweatshirt pocket. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and knew I had to make it! I finally had time to go to Walmart today and buy a sweatshirt for only $5! Then, I had some leftover fabric from a skirt I made ……
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Printing With Sandpaper T-shirt Kids Craft 
This is a super simple sandpaper printing technique that will keep your kids busy and make one cute shirt! The best part about this fun little craft is that the supplies were bought at the Dollar Store, even the T-shirt! We used crayons we already ……
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Sweatshirt scrapbook
The other day, I was sorting through some old clothes to donate to charity, and I ran across a sweatshirt from my son’s elementary school days. On the one hand, it seemed silly to keep a child-sized sweatshirt when my son is ……
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Make T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Yarn
Learn how to recycle your old seamless t-shirts into T-shirt yarn. Imagine the soft, stretchy awesome-ness of a blanket made with this stuff! ….
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Iron-On Fabric Applique Sweatshirt
If you aren’t lucky enough to find these Amy Butler supplies at your local dollar store, check your regular craft store, or buy a tiny bit of designer fabric at your local fabric store and add it to the sweatshirt the same way Nikki did….
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How to Make a Men’s Fleece Hoodie – CraftStylish
I used a basic men’s T-shirt as my pattern reference (a long-sleeved T or sweatshirt would work even better), and some Polarfleece I happened to have in my stash. Cotton … My run away dog Sewing and craft room My run ……
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Make a DIY Sweatshirt Blazer
diy sweatshirt blazer. Description: Cute little jacket for Fall and Winter. Because the edges of the blazer are left raw, this project only takes an hour or two to complete. Craft Link : DIY Sweatshirt Blazer. Read More : Sewing or ……
Craft Stew: DIY Sweatshirt Blazer
( image credit : Craft Stew )
Make a Kids’ Tetris Hoodie (With Ears!)
This sweatshirt was hopelessly stained and unwearable, so I made a little crafty magic and turned it into something even cuter than it was before! The process is simple enough for anyone to do, so read on to find out how to ……
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Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out
Fun Christmas craft: Cut up a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a Christmas tree outline. . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a sweater / jumper in under 30 minutes by stencilling, sewing, not sewing, and hand sewing with ……
( image credit : Cut Out and Keep )
DIY Darth Vader Hoodie – Mad in Crafts
Freezer paper stencil shirts have become a staple in my birthday party planning the past few years. I made a pumpkin shirt for my daughter last year, and coordinating snowman shirts for my son’s party. My son has plenty of ……
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No-Sew Family Hoodie Bear Costumes
Step 1: If you can’t find a yellow sweatshirt and pants, buy a white sweatsuit and dye it (Nicole found her white sweatsuits at JiffyShirts.com). Fill a large bucket or sink with hot water and mix in a bottle of Rit liquid dye….
( image credit : See Vanessa Craft)
Disney Frozen Craft: DIY Olaf Shir
We are SOOOooo excited for the boys’ FROZEN birthday party! The only problem is that there is hardly any FROZEN merchandise to be found. All my nearby stores have been cleared out of toys and well, just about everything ……
( image credit : Mom Endeavors )
Crafty DIY Mickey and Minnie Sweatshirts
disney sweatshirts2
My family recently went on a trip to Disneyworld and we were planning on a January trip, so I knew I wanted to make them sweatshirts. I found a cute Mickey sweatshirt on Target.com and when I saw it I thought, I could make ……
( image credit : Destination Craft )
Kid’d Raglan Sweatshirt (Free Pattern)
Fabrics: Number Fabric from Spoonflower, Solid Black Jersey Knit from Girl Charleee, Grey Twill from Joann Fabric and Craft, Heatherd Grey Interlock Knit from The Fabric Fairy. You might enjoy reading: Bundle Up Sale: ……
( image credit : Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Crafts )
How to Make an Adorable Cat Sweatshirt With a Mouth That …
Instructable user hellovillain created a detailed Instructable on how to make a cat sweatshirt with a mouth the wearer can open and close with a zipper. Using only a sweatshirt, a zipper, some felt, and a few craft tools, this top ……
( image credit : Laughing Squid/Instructables )
 DIY Heart Applique Sweatshirt
This is a low-skill craft. It requires hand sewing, but nothing complicated. I turn to my local thrift shops for blank sweatshirts and cashmere sweaters. Any tight-knit sweater will work if you aren’t able to find cashmere. Mohair or ……
( image credit : Alaska Knit Nat )
Sweatshirt/Ruffle Jacket
Sweatshirt/Ruffle Jacket. Use the Self Ruffling Yarn and follow directions below 1. Wash and dry sweatshirt. 2. Cut off the bottom band and the neck band. 3. Using a dinner plate and rotary cutter, round off the top and bottom ……
( image credit : Gettin’ My Craft On )
diy graphic print sweatshirts
…Scarlett made an “I’m happy” sweatshirt. See, easy peasy! Be sure to check out my sista’s blog, she’s full of fun craft ideas! *If you peel off your stencil carefully, you can use it again. Just wipe off the paint from the first one ……
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